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김선형 Seon Hyoung Kim
-리니어 콜렉티브 Linear Collective Director
-010 5220 8553

- Fine art based artistic ability (Artwork has been exhibited and perfomanced in several locations worldwide)
- Expert on graphic design and video editing
- Experience with Web developing and designing for interactive media and publishing
- Certificate in Computer Graphics Operation (Including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, PageMaker)
- Experienced in Adobe InDesign / Illustrator / Photoshop / Premiere / Flash / After Effect/ Dreamweaver/ Editing HTML / JavaScript / CSS, Video editing program Final Cut Pro / DVD Studio Pro/Ableton Live / Protools / MaxMSPJitter

- 2014 Baekdudaegan Movie Co., Arthouse Momo, Seoul, Media Department
Team manager, Jan. 2012 - May 2014
Produced movie trailers
Design movie distribution materials

- 2012 Mediode (Media +Diode), Seoul
Chief Designer Sep. 2010 - Jan 2012
Design commercial art installation

- 2009 Media Study Department, State University of New York at Buffalo
Adjunct Instructor, Jan. 2008 - May 2009
Taught a class, DMS417 Media & Portfolio

- 2008 Squeaky Wheel Media Center
Digital Video Production Workshop in 2008-2009
Taught a class, Video Production for public

- 2007 Media Study Department, State University of New York at Buffalo
Adjunct Instructor, Sep. 2006 - Jan. 2007
Taught a class, DMS217 Production Design

- Sejong Studies Institute
Graphic Designer and Flash Animator (Free-lancer), Jun. 2006 – 2009
Designed and developed interface and created a Flash-based interactive CD-Rom for Korean language learning materials

- 2006 Media Study Department, State University of New York at Buffalo
Teaching Assistant, Sep. 2005 - June 2006
Taught a class, DMS103 Basic Video Instructor

- 2003 CEC Institute, Brisbane, Australia
CEC institute specializes in producing, designing, developing and publishing English academic program materials
Graphic Designer and Flash Animator, Jan. 2002 - Mar. 2003
Designed illustration for games, books and website
Developed images suitable for interactive computer games
Produced Flash animation for storybooks on CD-ROMs

- 2001 The Setbox Studio / Thin House, Film & Work Production, Seoul, Korea
Assistant Art Director free-lancer, 1997 – 2001
Produced props and sets for TV commercials

- 2000 Thin House, Film & Work Production, Seoul, Korea
Specializes in producing commercials, music videos and animations
Assistant Art Director part time based, 1996 - 2000
Produced props and miniature sets using a variety of material such as plastic, clay, metal, and objects

The State University of New York at Buffalo, MFA in Media Arts Production, 2004 - 2008
Hongik University, Seoul, Korea Completed 2 semesters Master-level study of Sculpture, 2001
Hongik University, Seoul, Korea BFA in Sculpture, 1996 – 2001